Dear Armand,
Cathy and I are here smiling, feeling in awe and even a bit of disbelief, after almost three weeks of owning and playing the 1929 Steinway M Grand that you restored and sold to us! While you restored all the working parts of the piano, the specially carved case looks untouched, timeless and tastefully gorgeous. Plus, you were right about its sound qualities and rich beauty. I've been blessed to play many inspiring keyboards through time, including pipe organs that truly fit their space and acoustics; electronic keyboards that have their own rich sounds; pianos and guitars that are well made; and many of today's software instruments. Every once in while there are instruments that pull you away from the rest of that moment's agenda and create the sound and feeling that draws you into a world of creativity and joy. This Steinway piano easily creates that enchanting musical world: the sound and playability draw us in to wanting to play and explore many kinds of music, even encouraging improvisation! Why purchase from Armand via an ad on craigslist? Cathy and I had the opportunity to play some of the latest Yamaha CX series grand pianos, a brand new Bosendorfer grand and many "pre-owned" grand pianos over several weeks. We found reasons to enjoy many of them. However, a tour of Craigslist caught our interest when we read about Armand Kay and saw the stories about each of the pianos he was offering for sale. We purchased this piano following only a video phone call we did not include an in person visit and test! He was very easy to talk with and even easier to trust his knowledge and care for each piano and each buyer is very clear. Simply he is inspiring and energizing. While a cell phone video call can't replace an onsite visit, Armand came extremely close by comparing the other pianos around him, playing the piano for us, showing us the specifics of what was restored and why each choice was made. He was clear that the piano had very low usage through its life and that no cabinet restoration was needed. The photos he had posted were helpful in understanding what he was telling us. Communicating with Armand is natural and because of his great spirit, quite enjoyable! Lastly, there were no details he didn't cover! Drawings about wheel placement and room placement mixed with first rate movers that have worked for him for decades truly make a difference. Piano was in Las Vegas and we live in Glendale, CA. Cathy and I look forward to meeting Armand in person, but for now his work of restoring this 1929 Steinway M Grand is an awesome gift in our world. Both of us are actually enjoying having this piano right in the middle of our main room and finding many reasons to stop and enjoy the rich sounds that come from even the humblest of music. Thank you, Armand, for your great wisdom and your active care for us and this timeless instrument! We can't imagine a better choice than you and Adina to work with and trust.

Kenneth R Simon
January 2018

Dear Armand,
As you will recall, we purchased one of your pianos, a Cable baby grand back in 10/14. I am so happy that our business transaction was through you. You are indeed an expert in all things piano. I just love this piano – such a big sound for a small instrument. It produces as good a sound as a grand piano. And the sound is just beautiful. It is a joy to play.

L. Kobayashi
December 2014

Dear Mr. Kay,
Just a note to let you know that your Korg tuner arrived a week or so ago, and I used it day before yesterday to tune my harpsichord. The tuner was in perfect condition, virtually brand new, and did an excellent job of getting my instrument in tip-top condition. Thank you so much. Incidentally, my husband gave me the tuner as part of a 50th anniversary present. I am really glad to have it.

H. Benham
July 2015

Hello Armand,
I want to thank you again for taking such good care of my baby grand piano. S. and I loved having you work on the piano. Here is my testimonial: Armand is the BEST! Not only did he promptly make an appointment to tune my piano, he also gave invaluable advice about its location and maintenance. He noticed that the movers had put the legs on wrong and came back with tools of his own making to remove and reposition them. He cleaned out the interior of my baby grand and removed rust from the strings. Armand is so knowledgeable and incredibly customer focused. I look forward to benefiting from his expertise for many years to come.

S & S
August 2015

Dear Armand,
Thank you very much for the excellent restoration you’ve done for my mother and our family. You restored a treasure for us.
Thank you so very much. I sent pictures to my mom and she cried over them, remembering her time as a child learning to play on that piano when it looked more like those pictures. It is so beautiful. We are all very very grateful.

S. Phenning
September 2015

Good Morning Armand,

Just a note to thank you for the superb work you did on our Yamaha C7 at the Church. Before you arrived, just five or six weeks after its previous tuning, there wasn't one note on the entire keyboard that was in tune with any other! Playing it was difficult. Listening to it was an ear-piercing experience. We were concerned that perhaps the pins were loose in the pin block- or worse, that this 40 year old instrument needed to be replaced.

Then you performed your magic. Wow.

You raised the pitch, tuned the piano correctly, voiced it, removed debris rattling around inside, and diagnosed work needed to correct the regulation. What a relief and what a difference! Our gifted worship pastor and music director called your approach "Brilliant!"

You truly are the piano expert. You knew exactly what to do and how to do it to recapture the unique qualities of a well used instrument. Thank you, thank you!

May 31, 2014


Wow, I just got the bench and I love it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are very kind to allow me to purchase this bench and I will buy more products from You.

God Bless


April 26, 2014



Armand, Wow. I can't stop playing my exquisite pianos since you tuned them yesterday. Both, the Steinway and the Bechstein are 10s, and my Steinway B is absolutely incredible since you performed your magic. The high notes are delicate, crystal clear and bell like. My vintage C. Bechstein continues to amaze me with its unmatched build quality, sonorous bass, and pure-as-silk highs. So thank you for your magical powers. I don't know what you did - but my pianos have never been happier. You've reconfirmed that I don't want anyone else touching them.

Sincerely your friend,



April 14, 2014


Armand, you worked so hard getting my pianos in shape.  I appreciate all the care you took -- they are beautiful now.  I just finished teaching...smooth as butter...  It's really a joy to play all the pianos...such nice a balance.  The NY D has never had as rich a sonorous bass and a clean treble as now.  Everything is perfect and I'm really happy."

Thanks again,"


Pianist and Piano Teacher       (2012)


"Good Morning! 

The piano arrived!!!! The movers are gone.......
I love, love, love, love, love, llove, the piano!!!!!!!!!!! It is magnificent!! Such power... with a beautiful clear bell-like treble and a roaring powerful bass. Thank you, Thank, you!!!! 

Thank you so much for telling me about it!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that I traveled 400 miles to see it....as always, Armand and Adina, you are the best ever!!!!! 
I can't wait to spend the whole day playing it! Armand, thank you for the superb polishing, tuning and regulating of the piano. This piano is a joy to play and hear.

I am excited...  I forgot to tell you how nice the bench looks!  Thank you so much for making the legs high gloss... it looks wonderful.  I am so pleased with everything.  Thank you sooooooooo much!!!

Much love to you both,"


Pianist and Piano Teacher       (2012)


My dear Armand,

From the very first time I walked into your store, I knew this is the place to buy a piano or have one serviced. It only took a few minutes talking with you to assess your great knowledge and technical skill in dealing with pianos not only as a salesman but also as a builder and technician. As a piano teacher, I have been in many piano stores and have seen hundreds of pianos. I have never seen such clean and well cared for instruments…all covered and protected from dust and scratches. You truly have great pride of workmanship and it is very evident: a love for pianos. Every meticulous detail is there, from correct period fallboard and soundboard decals, to black lettering on re-gilded plates. The tuning pins are clean and the strings are not all rusty as in many shops. All the brass and chrome have been polished and the soundboards are dust free. You have a noblesse oblige towards pianos and your customers. That is something very special and I have not found that in any other dealer.

You use quality Renner action parts and are very careful to bring the instrument back to its original state or better. I chose you to rebuild my Steinway O’s action even though I live over 700 miles away because I knew you would do a masterful job. I really notice a huge difference in how the piano sounds and plays. Thank you so much!

I have been looking for another piano to add to my studio for a long time so I can play concertos and two piano works with my students. Having told you what I was looking for in sound, brand and size, you took a lot of time and effort to find the perfect piano for me. I admire the fact that you hear the quality of sound that I am after and I am so thankful to you for the unbelievable price that you gave me.

I would gladly drive the 700 plus miles to your shop again for a piano for myself or for my students. Your deals are unbeatable and I know you carry quality instruments that have been rebuilt and regulated properly. My only regret is that you live too far away to be my regular tuner - technician.

Thank you again for your friendship, the most generous deal on the piano and for your wonderful work on the regulation. I will have a lifetime of pleasure from the piano.

Please give my regards to Adina and your family.



Pianist and Piano Teacher 



All is well!  The piano is now absolutely wonderful, and I've been playing without the squeak!  Armand, you really did a wonderful job on this piano, and Ken said so, too.  He said it's a beautifully restored piano, and he is the head of all piano maintenance for NW University.  I am so happy, and I thank you for seeing this through.  I know I owe you a picture.  I will send that soon.  
Thanks again!
Linda B. (2010)


"Dear Armand,
Thank you for your expert restoration of the Hamburg C Steinway which I purchased from you in November.  I've had about 8 weeks now to discover the true beauty of this piano.  The action is just right for me - not too light and not too heavy.  The voicing is exquisite with a very mellow mid range and sonorous bass.  The upper register has more singing tone than any of the new Steinways I've played.  This piano is a rare find and sounds even better in my home than I expected.  I appreciate the time you spent with me explaining and showing me the Renner action, the sound board and how special this piano is. 
All the pianos in your shop are examples of your meticulous work, expertise and high standards.  Anyone who is lucky enough to know you and own one of your pianos is blessed.  I will be thanking you everyday when I am playing and enjoying this piano and thanking my dear friend Betty for introducing us."

M. Enders, Pianist and Teacher (2010)


"Dear Armand and Adina,

My piano arrived last night in perfect condition.  The sound is so beautiful, I had to stay up playing it until midnight.  Thank you for the gifts.  We will treasure them and they will remind us of the lovely time we had with you."

M & M Enders (2009)



For the first time in 20 years my Yamaha C7 sounds the way I always wanted it to sound, thanks to your work in knowing exactly what to do.  The sound from this piano is warm and with a depth I had not heard before; beautiful.  The notes are smooth and playing is a real joy.

You have re-established my love for this consummate instrument once again.  Thank you, thank you.  From now on, no one else will tune or work on this piano.  Somewhere, inside, it has your name on it.  My wife and I truly appreciate everything you've done for us in bringing the rich sounds of our piano to life again.  We will be in touch.


Jerry & Sarra B. (2009)


“Hi Armand,

We just wanted to Thank You so much for our gorgeous new piano!  You did such a wonderful job restoring the piano, you would never know it was made in 1908. 

We really appreciated your thorough customer service as well.  You did such a great job answering our questions and following up on everything from beginning to end and the movers were excellent!

We are so pleased and would recommend you in a heartbeat.

Thanks again for everything Armand.

Best wishes"

Ron & Maria (Chicago, IL) 2009



Wow!  you did it again.  My Hamburg Steinway and C. Bechstein now produce music that is overwhelmingly beautiful and optimized to the distinctive nuances of each instrument.

You truly have a gift.  Thank you for sharing your expertise which was long ago appreciated by the virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein.  The bonus is that you're wonderful to work with!

Thank you for being not only a gifted technician, but also a valued friend."

R. Stier PIANOLattte (2009)


“Hi Armand,

I had the pleasure to finally listen to the beautiful piano I bought from you few weeks ago.  I cannot describe how happy I was.

I just wanted to thank you not only for all the help you gave me to have this piano here in Mexico, but for the kindness you had during the process of buying it, crating it and finally moving it. 

I'm really happy with this purchase, and for sure, this piano exceeds the price I paid for it.

Best regards,"

Francisco A. (2008)

Dear Armand -- Merry Christmas,


During this season, “Merry Christmas”, we say,

as a greeting, a blessing – we speak it that way;

No matter how often by the end of the day,

to all who’ll receive it, “Merry Christmas”, we say.


Those two little words when spoken in love,

become a breath of fresh air, a touch from above;

While people are hurting wherever you go,

your words can restore, more than you know.


Disappointments diminish holiday cheer,

it always happens this time of year;

Why not do something to turn things around,

bring back a smile instead of a frown.


Yes you can, make a difference, anytime, anywhere,

windows will open to show that you care;

So, reach out to someone in a meaningful way,

with a genuine hug when “Merry Christmas”, you say!


Jerry Botta (Christmas 2010)

"Dear Armand,

Thanks so much. We are SO happy with the Duet Bench!! It seems our  
family likes to join the person at the keys!

Thanks for all your help and great products. And...the piano still  
sounds great!"

Charron Patty (2010)

“Hi Adina,

I received QRS CD #860006 and LOVE it   I am going to see if you have 2 more like this, standard hits with orchestra. Best wishes"

B. Howell (2009)


“Dear Armand,

Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my Steinway!  It looks like it just came off the showroom floor and the sound is golden and pure. 

Thank you also for the work you did on my parents' Steinway. That piano was real wreck, but you have turned it into a mellow and sonorous instrument worthy of the name Steinway.

Best regards,"

Stephen (2007)



I'm writing to tell you that the Korg tuner that I purchased from you arrived in excellent condition, and in a very timely manner.  The tuner far exceeds my expectations. 

The tuner I purchased from you looks brand new, without a blemish on it, and appears to have never been used.  You can't imagine how happy I am to get it.

I wanted to thank you personally for selling me the tuner.  I am very happy with it."

B. Moorehead(2007)

“Armand, our old friend,

Thanks so much for your continued support and business.

Best wishes in the new year,"

Renner USA (2007)



It was a joy to have you come to my home and treat my Hamburg Steinway and C. Bechstein to your world class tuning, voicing, and regulation.  They've never been happier, and neither have I!

The world is full with piano tuners.  You are in a class by yourself -- a master technician who is passionate and effective at nursing every ounce of potential, maximizing the nuances of each instrument. 

Thank you for sharing your expertise - your magic - with my grateful  instruments.

Sincerely your friend,"

R. Stier PiANOLatte (2008)      


"Armand made wonderful adjustments to our Schimmel grand piano, in addition to tuning the piano. 

After several tunings and adjustments by other "experts", the piano was still not sounding properly.  Now, thanks to Armand, the piano's rich and wonderful sounds are better than new."

Westwood, CA Customer


“Dear Armand and Adina,

Thank you so much for your wonderful and gracious hospitality you show me every time I meet you. 

Thank you again for coming all the way to tune and regulate my pianos! 

Again, thanks for your kindness and friendship."

Amar and Betty 2005


“Thank you so much for your reply.  You have so many magnificent pianos.  They really take your breath away.  I especially love the Bluthner - it is a masterpiece. 

I will send pictures of my room that it will adorn.  I appreciate beautiful works of art.

I'm pleased to make you an acquaintance and hope that we will be able to do business together."

P. Montadon



Just got your decal, what a beauty!.

Thank you."



"Dear Armand and Adina,

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

The upstairs O has never in all the past 40 years which I have had the piano, sounded or played better.

I can't thank you enough.

You really make everything perfect and have the expert knowledge to do so."

   B. Master 


"Hi Adina,

Thank you for sending the two piano pieces.  The piano is absolutely fabulous!  My daughter and I both started taking piano lessons and we are having a great time.  The piano looks and sound great.

Once again, thanks to both you and Armand for such a beautiful new addition to our home."

Mark G.


"The piano arrived and it’s just perfect for my little friend.  When she makes her debut at Carnegie, you can say her first piano came from you!

It looks perfect and sounds very nice.  Good easy action for a beginner and nice tone.  She is thrilled, plus it arrived today on her birthday.

I will give you great comments on the feedback.  Think I’m an Ebay fan now!"



 "We got it!!!!!!!! Thanks so much....it looks (and sounds) beautiful. We are
looking forward to let it 'rest' and than start and using it. Thanks again for
everything. PLEASE come and visit us in Connecticut..."

Z & T 


"I just wanted to let you know we received our piano on Saturday and really enjoy it!

Thanks so much for your  patience!  It's so cute to see my three kids on the
bench all trying to play at the same time!  And it's great to have  a real piano versus the clavinova!

Thanks abunch!"



"Dearest Armand,

Thank you so much for my piano appraisal."

Radha (2005)



Thank you...
L. played it today in the early morning and it sounded just wonderful. All the school is ecstatic."



“Thank you very much.  The piano arrived today and (it) is beautiful.” 

Joe G. 


“Just a quick message to let you know the piano was safely delivered this morning and looks great.  I can't wait to play it when I return home from my travels.  Thanks again for the prompt service.” 

David S. 


 "I really am enjoying the piano!  It is so fun and easy to play. So responsive with such a wonderful touch and action.  Thank you very much for the superb regulation.  I really wish we lived closer to you so you could tune and regulate all my pianos.  The treble is very clean.  I played it for several hours yesterday and today.  It plays and sounds like a brand new piano.  I am really satisfied with it.  Thank you for your very generous deal and for the opportunity to buy this beautiful  instrument.  I am the envy of my music friends!!"

Betty M. / Pianist & Piano Teacher 


“Armand, please go ahead and charge my credit card for the purchase of the piano.  Thank you again for spending your time with us.  We both feel very blessed to have met and dealt with you.” 



“As for the piano, it was love at first sight – what a sexy thing!!!  I played it and it responded.  I was definitely in love.  Elvis (me) would pay for the move to Chicago; what a deal!  I was very happy and overwhelmed!  The sound is the sweetest, deepest, clearest, velvety sound… and the piano is like no other piano.  It has a true soul.” 



“Many thanks.  Nicholas will have a lifetime of pleasure.” 



"Hello and thank you so much for taking your time to educate me about your grand pianos yesterday. I would love to purchase  a piano from you. We are in the market for a used Yamaha  I thought. Everyone said how great they sound. I really wanted a wood finish and I would be open to another make. If you come across anything  5 ' 7 or so please let me know . Thanks again." 
Michele B.



Thanks for a Great Job!

See you in 6 months.

My son is very musical - do you have a need for an apprentice?"




“Thanks again for your excellent service.  I enjoyed doing business with you.  I had a good feeling about doing business with you from the first time we talked, and I was never worried about sending a deposit to you, so I hope you feel good that I came thru with the money when it was my turn to take care of you!”

John in Santa Fe (2002)


“After playing the piano I realized that the instrument is perfect.  I feel that the church is truly blessed by having this instrument.  And it is because of your help and generosity that we were able to acquire it.” 

 David Barela (2003)


“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding and tuning the beautiful Yamaha upright piano for me.  It plays beautifully and I know that I will get many years of enjoyment from it.  My piano instructor was in complete awe of the sound quality.  He told me that my concert pianist would be proud to play in it and that the quality was comparable to that of a much more expensive piano.  After several weeks of visiting piano showrooms and talking to various salespeople, it was refreshing to finally find someone with your honesty and integrity.  I love the piano and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who may be looking for a piano.” 

Elaine N.


“Just wanted to put in writing how delighted I am with my Birthday Bench!  I prefer my bench to be rather high because of poor eyesight, and the adjustment capability is wonderful!  The bench arrived in perfect condition and we’re totally satisfied.  I was delighted to work with you.” 

Judy Kay 


“Thank you.  I wanted to tell you that my Mason & Hamlin is fabulous.  I love that piano.  I play it several hours each day.  I really appreciate your skill and talent.  I believe you have a rare gift for tuning.  You make it seem so simple… the mark of a genius.  Thanks again.” 

Tom Clark


“Joy… complete and total joy… the piano is perfect!  It exceeds all expectation.  My son is the happiest I have ever seen him, and has been playing almost continuously since the piano arrived Friday afternoon.  I cannot thank you enough.”

Page Hensley (2002)


“I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for what you have done with my Steinway.  You are a master.  The piano sounds heavenly!” 

Chris Papousek (2002)


“The piano arrived Friday afternoon.  The piano is better than I could have hoped…  I’m so glad you put up with all my nonsense.”  The

Hansley Family (2002)


“You must know by now that you are the only one who can even touch my Steinway.  No one else will do!  Now the piano sounds like heaven!  You have magic fingers and so much knowledge.  My piano thanks you!” 



“I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness.  You truly restored my belief in mankind’s goodness and unsolicited generosity toward their fellow man.  G-d bless you.”

Sandy Hiller (1989)


“Thank you for tuning my Steinway!  It sounds wonderful now."”



“Please send me a valuation certificate for insurance purposes on the Steinway piano that you rebuilt so professionally.” 

Anthony Chromy (1989)


“Thank you for all your efforts in providing us with such a “grand” piano.  We look forward to seeing you for the initial tuning.”  

Mary Hales (1989)


“How do I thank you for all the time you took with us on mother’s piano.  I know it is beautiful and she would be very happy.” 

Dianne Quillette (2001)


“This letter is to inform you that I am very, very happy with the results of the repair of my piano that I purchased from you.  The service was quite prompt and expeditiously performed.  Please advise your technician (Armand Kay) that frankly, I did not believe him when he advised me that the piano could be repaired and made easier to play.  I had not played my piano for almost a year because of the stiff action.  I was always so tired at the end of any piece that I would play that I had finally given up ever enjoying the piano again and was planning on selling it at the first of the year.  My thanks go out to your company for finding a “miracle worker” who really knows his profession.  I now play the piano for several hours a day. “

Marilyn Malone


“Thank you very much for providing a replacement pedal for my piano.  After my well-behaved guide dog tipped the piano bench over and broke the pedal, I had no idea about how I might find a replacement and so I am especially grateful for your help.”

Nicki Gilkerson (1987)


“Have a great holiday season!  Best wishes to you and your family in ’89.  We’re enjoying the Steinway L, 1926.  It is beautiful!” 

Anonymous (1989)


“Wishing you the best Holiday Season!  We are so happy with our new addition.  It is so beautiful and sounds so wonderful.  We can’t thank you enough.”  

Rick and Cindy (1989)