The art of rebuilding a piano

Rebuilding a piano is an art; therefore, it takes talent, skill, best parts/materials, and lots of experience to be successful at rebuilding a piano.

When a piano is fully rebuilt, the sounding board, bridges, pin-block, strings, keyboard, and action must be at their prime-operating condition.

To bring your piano to its peak performance, consider rebuilding of your piano. Rebuilding includes replacement of, or working on: hammers, wippens, shanks, flanges, knuckles, key bushings, key tops, re-felt of key bed, refinishing of sounding board and bridges, refinishing of the plate, replacing strings, bass strings, pin block, tuning pins, damper felt, full regulation, pitch raising, tuning and voicing. Attention to pedal mechanism could also elevate your piano to top-notch performing condition.

Some pianos need a full and complete rebuilding, and some pianos need a partial rebuilding.

If you suspect that your piano is not operating correctly, a skilled piano technician is the one to call.

As a European Piano Expert, tuner and technician, I worked all over the world, including Steinway factory in Germany. I’ve been taking care of pianos for the past 48 years.

When it comes to skill, talent, and experience, you could rest assured that I would bring your piano to its glorious condition.

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